Friday, May 8, 2009

getting dirtry- UVW mapping

This was for a project in class to learn UVW mapping, and making textures in photoshop using them. The model was pre made, but the texturing was solely created by me =).

freeze time effect

I did this as an assignment in class, my first attempt at masking, stoptime, and video layering.

svrss logo on fire project

I did this for my high school (Swan Valley Regional Secondary School), as a project, which was meant to be put on the SVRSS website main page.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

torch and stand

My first attempt at fire. It was all made within 3ds max, right from scratch.

oiltank explosion

My first attempt at an explosion. The fire effects are a preset. The smoke is not.

Monday, May 4, 2009

planet and sun

I made this with some help from a tutorial from The planet surface images were taken from pictures of wood grain..etc.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

choppy water

My very first attempt at water and the use of raytracing. I also did this from a tutorial. The guy who did it did it miles better, but this was my first attempt after all.

nuclear explosion

Explosions are nothing new to me. I decided to do a nuclear explosion since they are more complex than just a simple bang or flash. The explosion is made out of a mesh and noise is added to it to animate it. I did not originally know how to do this whole thing, so I grabbed a tutorial off of to do it.

light saber

This is my first attempt at recreating the famous light saber glow. I intend to do it again and make it more detailed.

Cosmic Energy

I Did this video in a tutorial from All it is is a still image with some cool 3D effects added to make a video. Enjoy!

meandering stream

This is my first attempt at a stream of water. As you can see the second image uses a depth of field effect. I will upload a video soon, if I can render it into a 100mb file or less (blogger doesn't accept bigger)